About the Furniture Spa

I worked for a well known furniture company, Pennsylvania House, for many years before going to work for a master craftsmen, Paul Tichenor, founder of Tichenor Furniture Service. Twenty two years later I have benefited from Paul's vast knowledge and skill. Furniture restoration and refinishing is a trade you have to love to do to do it well. I take pride in the work I do and I hope that it shows in the quality of work that I do. I want my customers to come back to me time and time again.

Vikki Standish

The craft of upholstery is a skill that is developed over years of hands on training. I got my start tying springs at Tichenor Furniture Service seventeen years ago. I have worked under their head upholster and as I mastered one step I would begin learning the next step. I have also been fortunate to work with Pete Hoffman, who has been one of the best upholsters in the area for many years. Now I feel confident that the work I do is comparable to those I have watched and learned from over the years.

Jim Ryder

Refinished Couch