Re-Purposed Furniture

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Re-purposed furniture has gone mainstream over the last decade. Peoples growing concerns about the environment and their wallets has lead to more and more people finding alternative ways to use the furniture they already have.In doing so they have not only saved money but have also saved on our ever growing landfills. With a little imagination and some refurbishing, pieces you already have can be transformed into a functional piece of furniture, maybe wall art, not to mention a great conversation piece. Please take a look at the re-purposed pictures we have on our site and see what can be done. Feel free to contact us with any ideas you have and we can answer any questions you have.




Green Furniture

Wall Unit

Vintage furniture, Antique furniture are referred to as Green Furniture. This is so because when you choose to purchase vintage furniture instead of buying new ,you save one more tree from being cut and also one more piece of furniture not being tossed on the landfills. An added benefit to buying Green Furniture is that it gives a boost to the local antique and second hand shops thus boosting the local economy. Take a few moments to look over our before & after pictures for both our refinishing and re-upholstery work to see how a piece can go from" landfill material " to " Wow! Is that the same piece?". After 20+ years in this line of work I am still amazed at what a little TLC can do. If you have a piece you are considering saving give us a call and we will be happy to help.

"The repurposed photos in our gallery are there to give you some ideas as to what can be done, not photos of our actual work. We have done a few of these pieces and will be displaying them at various shows."