Chair caning is fast becoming a dying art with fewer and fewer companies offering this service. There are a number of different caning options that we offer at the Furniture Spa. From rush seats to traditional hand woven cane seats, and also shaker tape, we are sure to be able to help with all your caning needs. If you have a chair seat where the cane needs to be replaced and it belongs to a set we can color match the cane to the rest of the set. Pricing varies according to style and size of the seat or back.

Please visit our photo gallery to view photos of traditional hand woven seats and also embossed leather replacement seats.

Silver & Gold Leaf Application

Silver & Gold Leaf Application

Silver and gold leaf may be applied to various objects and surfaces. There are many different looks to choose from when considering leaf application. From the very old and cracked look of the Old World application to the more stately look of the full coverage application. With either, you may also choose to have an antiquing glaze applied after the leaf is finished for more of an antiqued appearance. If you like the look of the Old World application you can select the color that will show through the tiny cracks of the leaf. Traditionally a rusty red would be used to show through.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to help with any project you have.

Oil Painting Restoration

Oil Painting

Over time oil paintings gather dust and grime without you even being aware of it. We can clean and restore your oil paintings to bring them back to life. In some cases there is a need to do some touch up work where there might be some damage due to a small tear or some staining to the picture. We can also apply new paper backing and new wire for hanging the painting.

Give us a call and see what we can do for your oil paintings.




Frame Repair & Restoration

Frame Restoration

Frame repair can be anywhere from the frame needing to be re-glued to a heavily carved frame with pieces broken off. If pieces are missing we can carve new pieces, apply to damaged area, and touch up to blend in with the existing appearance of the frame.

With frame restoration it is the same process as with any type of restoration work. You work with the existing finish and materials to bring back the original beauty of the frame. This work usually involves a lot of careful cleaning so the existing finish is not harmed or damaged in any way.

Please give us a call for any of your frame repair or restoration work. We will work with you to give you the results you want.

Marble Repair & Restoration

Marble Repair & Restoration

Marble was often used for table tops, shelves on ornate bookcases, along with other fine furniture. Although marble is very elegant, it also has one fault. Marble is very porous therefore is easily stained.

We can restore the look of marble as well as any cracks or broken pieces. This photo is of a piece where the marble was heavily stained. Please visit our testimonial page to read what our customer had to say about the work done on her washstand.

Hardware Restoration

Hardware restoration is an option that you have when you have a piece restored or refinished. You can choose to simply have the hardware cleaned, or cleaned & a light spray of lacquer, which would keep the hardware old in appearance but with a fresh clean look. You can choose to have some gold applied or a little antiquing done. The options are many and we are here to help with some suggestions that would be right for the period of the piece. When a piece has some missing hardware we can usually replace it. Hardware restoration is included in the estimate for refinishing or restoring a piece.

In-Home Service

For minor furniture problems or for those pieces that can not be removed from the home we can come to you. With our in-home service we can fix small dings in furniture to bringing back the luster to your kitchen cabinets as well as any wood work that could use some TLC. Please contact us for any work you would like done and we will do our best to help.