From the stripping process to the finishing process we offer our customers options when they are considering having their furniture refinished. We will go over any concerns you may have and answer your questions so you will feel assured that your furniture will be done to your specific taste and style and also that your furniture will be handled with the utmost care and craftsmanship.

Stripping is all done by hand. No harsh dip tanks are used where possible damage could be done to your furniture. Loose joints, lifting veneer and raised grain are all examples of damage caused by dip tanks.

Writing Table

Sanding and the prep-work before finishing is the most important step in achieving a beautiful finish. If this step is not done well no matter how much care is taken in applying the finish ,the end result will not be as nice as it should be. We have the experience to know what needs to be done and how to do it.

When discussing color we have a large selection of color samples to choose from. We can also color match to a sample that you have. Say you have a dining table that only needs the top refinished. We would be able to color match the top to the base so there would be no added expense of having the base done as well. We pride ourselves on our color matching ability.

There are three types of finish that we use. All of which can be applied with the amount of sheen of your choice. The type of finish to be used depends on the piece. If we are refinishing a dining table we take into consideration the use the top would get. A very durable finish that would hold up to water glasses and also mar resistant is needed. We will discuss all the finish options with you and give our recommendation to you so you will be able to make an informed decision on what finish is best for your furniture.

Wall Unit

Some might think there is no more to the finishing process. Not so at the Furniture Spa. After the last coat of finish is dried we start to put the hardware back on. We take the time to find out how you would like your hardware to look. We don't just put the old rusty hardware back on, we remove the rust, clean and coat it out to give your hardware a fresh clean look. We can also do a restoration by adding a little gold to restore it back to the original look. In a lot of ways the hardware makes the piece or at least adds the finishing touch. This is all included in the price quote that we give you for refinishing a piece of your furniture.

So if you are considering having a piece refinished, know that we have the years of experience behind us but also that quality is our main concern. We are our own worst critics. With us you have the security of knowing your furniture is in good hands.


Restoration project

In some instances a piece may not require a complete refinish, but instead, a little restoration work. Restoration on a piece can be done as long as the existing finish is still in decent condition, thus allowing us to be able to work with what is already there. A benefit to restoring a piece is that you can choose to have as much, or as little work done to the piece depending on how you want the piece to look and what fits your particular taste and style. A restored piece will not look new, but it will have all the beauty and warmth and character of years gone by, but with a clean and fresh appearance to the piece.

We have the experience to be able to guide you when deciding whether to restore or refinish. We are here to answer any questions you have and also make some suggestions we think would be right for a particular piece.

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