Bookcase before repairs

Here at the Furniture Spa we can handle all your furniture repair needs. If you have a piece that you love, but the piece is showing considerable need for some TLC and you think the damage is too great to be repaired, please check with us first before you decide to take it to the junk pile. Chances are we can repair the piece, and in most cases you would have a hard time knowing the piece had been damaged at all. From a basic re-glue to ensure that a piece is stable for use, to the more involved repairs, loose or missing veneer, broken or missing pieces, splits in the top or sides, drawers that stick or don't work well, etc., etc., we will evaluate the repairs needed to be done to bring the piece back to it's original state. Once the evaluation is done, we will go over with you what we would need to do to repair the piece and how we would do it, as well as the cost of the repairs, including the cost of the materials needed.

Bookcase Finished

Doing a basic re-glue, we'll use a chair for an example, we would first determine whether the chair needs only to be injected with glue or if the chair needs to be taken apart to be re-glued. An injection re-glue only works if there is just a slight looseness in the joints. With a re-glue that involves the need to take the chair apart, we would take great care not to damage the wood. Once apart, the old glue will be completely cleaned out of the joints. Doing this ensures good adhesion when we re-glue the chair, thus making the chair sturdy for years to come.

When making replacement pieces we pay attention to the smallest details. Matching the correct wood, the color and sheen of the finish used, whether the replacement piece needs to look old or new are all things that we take into consideration. All of which enables us to blend the replacement piece to the piece of furniture so there is very little evidence, if any, that the piece of furniture had ever been damaged.

Chewed table corner - before & after







We are able to color match new pieces and the repaired area to the rest of the piece, saving the expense of having to have the entire piece refinished if it is not needed. This touch up work would be included in the estimate of the repair work.

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