There are many levels of reupholstering to consider when deciding on having a piece worked on. From a complete re-upholstery, where the piece is torn down to the frame and all new materials are used, to a simple removal of the existing fabric and new fabric put on.

When doing a complete tear down the frame will be inspected for sturdiness. We will re-glue the frame at this time if so needed. This will ensure that the piece will be solid for years to come. Also, with a complete tear down we can see if the springs are in good shape. Depending on the type of springs used, they may need to be re-tied. Doing this ensures even support and comfort to the seat. In some cases the piece may have springs in the back as well. From this point various materials (burlap, deck pad, cotton batting, Dacron) will be used for the inside of the piece.

When doing a re-cover, after the removal of the old fabric we will give the piece a Dacron wrap on the arms, inside back and cushions which will give the piece a nice smooth appearance and also a little loft to the cushion.

When choosing new foam, we will go over the various options to you so you will be well informed when selecting the right foam for your cushions. We carry samples of both the seat foam and the back foam with the different degrees of firmness for you to see and feel.

We have had customers who instead of buying a new sofa or chair have chosen to update their existing pieces. Such as a sofa with a skirt and out dated fabric can be up dated to a sofa with no skirt and new fabric (faux leather, big bold prints) and you have a new piece of furniture. You may choose to add or remove buttons, elect to combine two different fabrics on the same piece for a totally new look. We carry the Greenhouse line of fabric with a large selection of sample books for you to look through. You can also click on the Greenhouse link below for your convenience to see even more fabrics to choose from. We can order samples of any fabrics that interest you so that you can see the actual color and feel the texture of that fabric before selecting that fabric for your furniture.We also give our customers the option to supply their own fabric if they wish.

Outdoor living has grown by leaps and bounds. We can do your outdoor cushions and carry outdoor foam and fabric to select from. When doing outdoor cushions we use only nylon zippers and outdoor thread so your cushions will be sure to look beautiful for many years.

Please contact us with any questions you have and we will be happy to answer them.

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